Ever suddenly get an itch in our throat and you think the only way to get it to go away is to rub it off with sandpaper? Yeah that is the definition of the most irritating thing in the world and running to the doctor every time your throat is itchy is not the most productive way to spend your day. But fear not fellow sufferers, I as one plagued with sore and itchy throats constantly have found some home remedies that will give you temporary relief when a throat lozenge is not in view.

Ice Cream
Now you might think this the most contradictory remedy available for a sore throat but having an ice cream cone can do wonders to relieving the itchiness. It works with most similar dairy products such as yoghurt, cold milk or even popsicles. The mechanism behind it is that it the cool substance allows for the abused organ a quick path of relief, much a cold cloth to your head on a sweltering summer day (or an ice bath). This will not cure your sore throat but you will feel less uncomfortable while you get better.

Now if you weren’t a fan of the ice cream cone remedy, then you can always turn to soothing remedies such as honey. One of nature’s original antibiotics, honey has properties that have been killing germs for centuries, this is why you don’t hear of Winne the Pooh complaining of a sore throat. Now taking a spoonful of honey with some lemon juice is not only good for your throat but is also acts as weight loss tool. But if lemon juice is too sour, then you can rely on the good old tea and honey remedy which has been used by mothers for generations.

You might think this the weirdest remedy for an illness but it works and the reason behind it is gelatine. It soothes your throat and while it might hold no medicinal properties what so ever, when your throat feels like sand paper you are willing to try anything to make it feel somewhat normal. Don’t really understand the workings behind it but the sap of the marshmallow tree is said to have been used for such purposed in the past and though there might not be a correlation between the plant and the treat, it does give some relief so I am grateful. A sore throat is something we encounter on a regular basis and the only way to avoid it becoming something serious is modern day medication which a trip to the family doctor will sort you out with. The remedies tried and tested by me are only temporary reliefs which will let you get on with your day until you are able to get proper medication. So the next time your throat itches, try these to sooth it over.

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